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What Type of Food is Best for Your Dog

What Type of Food is Best for Your Dog

Selecting a Food to Fuel Your Dog

There are several different factors that come into play when you are trying to select the perfect food for your dog. First you need to begin by evaluating the needs your dog requires. You will want to look at your dog’s overall nutritional needs, favorite flavors, activity level, allergies, age, size, and overall lifestyle. By knowing the nutritional needs of your dog then you will be able to better select a food that will fuel their body instead of just feed them junk.


Pick Foods That Offer Nutrition

There have been countless dog food products that have hit the market. However, they are not all created equally. It is crucial to evaluate the nutritional value in every product in order to ensure your dog is being provided the proper nutrients. Many veterinarians do not support a completely raw protein diet for dogs. However, as long as the natural protein has been slightly cooked prior to offering it to the dog then it should be appropriate. There are several pathogens in raw meat that could cause illnesses. With that being said, there are several advocates for a raw diet. There have been several health benefits linked to a raw food diet such as healthier skin, shinier coats, improved dental, increased energy, and even smaller stools. It should be noted that a raw food diet is not recommended for dogs that share a home with small children or immune compromised individuals as this could cause unnecessary harm to them.


What Food Are Included In A Raw Diet

If you are thinking about transitioning your dog to a raw dog food diet you may have several questions. First, what exactly can your dog eat on a raw food diet. There are still several options including muscle meat, bones, organ meats, raw eggs, vegetables, apples, other fruits, and even some dairy products. You can also refer to the Internet in order to research great meal suggestions as well as recipes for your dogs’ meals.


Do Your Research

Above all, ensure that you do the proper research before selecting a food option for your dog. You will most likely be surprised with how much preservatives are added into processed dry dog food. Most of these products are ones that you will not necessarily want your dog to be ingesting. Additionally, it can be a huge benefit to make a quick trip to your veterinarian to ensure a raw food plan can be an option for your dog. During this trip you can discuss the pros, cons, and any concerns you may have prior to making the transition over to a raw dog food.