What to Look Out For in a 360 Waves Brush


There are a lot of 360 waves brushes on the market today, and there are definitely some that are better than others. In reviewing many types of brushes, the most common problem seems to be that the bristles are not hard enough the last and give a proper wavy line. Overall, the more expensive brushes are the best because they are made of boar bristles and this has proven to be one of the most effective types for keeping waves intact.


Let’s talk about price for a minute because there are many types of brushes on the market which range from $5 to $100. In general, once you get to the $30 mark, you start to get what you pay for. On the flip side, it seems a little unnecessary to spend $100 for a brush that can go soft after a Year’s worth of use. As with everything in life, moderation is the key: finding the sweet spot of about $30 seems to be the best price point. There are a lot of brushes for cheap on eBay and Amazon which claim to be boar bristles, but in fact or not when spending under $30. So just make sure to look for authentic boar bristles, and this will be the biggest help.

Hair Length

None of this particularly means anything if your hair is too short. Having boar bristles is gray, but it can really hurt if your hair is not long enough and also will not produce the waves that you are looking for. So just make sure before you look into buying a wave brush that you have grown your hair out far enough.

Handle or Not

One of the biggest differences between the types of wave brushes is whether or not they have a handle. This comes down to personal preference, in whatever feels more comfortable on the grip. It may cost a little bit more to get brushes with handles, but if it is easier to use then that is the way to go.

Type of Bristle

While boars hair is the most effective, sometimes it can be too harsh on the scalp. For anyone who prefers a softer wave, the silk bristle is the way to go. That is the type of bristle which makes up the majority of the soft bristles on the market, but many times this can be too ineffective and a medium strength bristle is better.

So all in all, the best thing to look for in a 360 wave brush is the proper bristle strength, the most comfortable grip with or without a handle, and a price point that is not going to break the bank but at the same time is worth the money paid. Looking for proper spacing between bristles is the final piece of the puzzle, so it’s always important to make sure that the brush you are buying is going to give you spacing that you are looking for in your waves.