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The E111 Card – What You Need To Know

The E111 Card – What You Need To Know

There are rules and regulations for health care in Europe. These rules and regulations provide for all those in the European Union (EU) countries to be provided with healthcare. The healthcare one receives while in the EU depends on the country of residence. The country of citizenship does not matter when it comes to healthcare in the EU. The country of residence usually will cover the cost of insurance for those within its borders.

What is the e111 Card?

The e111 card was an insurance card to provide tourists with healthcare when they were traveling. However, the card was replaced officially on January 1, 2006. The card that replaced the e111 card was the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC is a card that lets travelers received healthcare while they are visiting another EU country other than the EU country of residence.

When you live in a country within the EU and are traveling to another country within the EU you are covered for certain medical expenses while traveling. What that means is if you are a legal resident of Germany and travel to France and should need healthcare while in France, you are covered.

You will be permitted to receive medical care in France if you already have insurance in Germany. The cost to you will be free or reduced costs. That means the German government will pick up the cost of your medical care while in France. However, there are some things not covered by the EHIC. These are things such as dental care.

What Does the EHIC do?

The e111 card was something that worked similar to the EHIC. The e111 card would cover you while you were a tourist traveling through the EU. Neither the e111 card nor the EHIC replaces the need for traveling insurance. There will still be a need to buy traveling insurance to cover those expenses that are deemed suitable to wait until you get home. For instance, if you chip a tooth while traveling through the EU, it will not be covered by the EHIC. However, if you have travelers insurance, it will be covered and you will not need to wait until you get home.

Is Everyone Entitled to the EHIC?

If you are traveling throughout the EU, your home state of the EU will provide the payment for your emergency care without the need to go back to your home country. The EHIC is something that everyone who is already insured is entitled to while traveling throughout the EU. There are some EU countries, like Romania that will not offer its residents the EHIC until you have had Romanian insurance for a minimum of five years. The government pays for it and they want to be sure you are insured with them for a specific time.

To recap, the article discussed the e111 card and how the EHIC replaced the e111 card. There was no more need for the e111 card once the EHIC was totally factored in on January 1, 2006.