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Stay healthy as you get older with regular check-ups

Stay healthy as you get older with regular check-ups

As we get older, our bodies are just not how they used to be. Our bones are affected, heart health becomes a big factor, blood pressure, and motor skills need to be regularly assessed. Annual check-ups are vital to preventative care and that goes for all ages. During the visits, ask questions and speak about anything that is medically related that may be concerning you before it is too late. Your doctor will as ask questions to make sure that there are no reasons for concerns or a specialist. Older adults may need a different nutrition and lifestyle routine. This will be suggested by the doctor.

Awareness as we get older

Every month holds a different awareness. October is breast cancer awareness month and February is American Heart Month. These months are designed to get everyone, especially older adults to get their annual check-up. Heart, cholesterol, and neurological exams are vital as we age.

Importance of Check-Ups as We Age

Preventative exams are important any age, but again the older we get the more everything begins to check. Think of eye health, oral health, heart, bones, joints, there is an endless list for why the exams are so vital. Another reason they are so important is because of family and self. When a spouse or family members are around, you’d want to be active for them and if there are any underlying medical issues, that makes it next to impossible to function and keep up. Yes, taking care of oneself is a high priority, but getting checked out by a doctor should be right underneath self-care as we get older.

Different Ways to Receive Check-ups

Heading out to the doctor’s office isn’t the only way to receive an annual check-up. There are companies that will have a home health aide come to your home and do the assessment there. Everything is documented and sent to the lab. From there, you can call your PCP, have a confidential envelope delivered or access your results and any regarding information online. And lastly, there are even online services. In Sweden, for example, Svensk Provtagning is a good starting point.