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Smoking Vs Vaping

Smoking Vs Vaping

There is a slight difference between smoking cigarettes vs vaping. When you smoke traditional cigarettes, you burn tobacco to inhale nicotine and other associated ingredients. There are more than 7,000 chemicals in tobacco, and smoking does not do anything to filter them out. When vaping you will use e liquids that will contain only nicotine. The nicotine content in vapes can be controlled, making smoking a bit safer. There are several designs of vaping devices in the market. Users can choose from those that produce a cloud of vapor to those that can produce a small amount of vapor. Many people find vaping convenient when compared to vaping. There are several factors you should know about vaping before you can proceed to get them. Here are some of the factors you need to note:

Nicotine content

When vaping you can control the amount of nicotine concentration in the e liquids. It is a different case with smoking traditional tobacco because you will burn the tobacco and inhale without any form of controls. There are even people who prefer zero nicotine e liquids that have little or even no nicotine. The low nicotine level e-liquid can contribute towards helping you enjoy healthy living. Some people turn to the nicotine zero e liquids as a way of reducing their nicotine intake.


There are many harmful substances in tobacco. When you turn to vape, you will reduce the intake of tar and other toxic substances that can affect your health. Many people have turned to vape because they do not have to struggle with tar and ashes as they smoke. They are effective ways to enjoy great convenience when enjoying nicotine. Some e liquids come in flavors that people can choose.


Both vaping and smoking traditional tobacco can lead to addiction. They have nicotine that is responsible for causing addiction. The fact that you can control your intake of nicotine when vaping makes it easy to prevent addiction. You can even get e-liquid with lower or no nicotine so that you can enjoy your pleasure without the worry of the side effects that are associated with smoking traditional tobacco.

Tar content

There is no tar when vaping because you do not burn anything. The vapor is produced when the e-liquid is heated to become vapor. You will not have to stain your room with smoke when you go for the vaping devices. They are very convenient when in a home where you would like to keep things clean. It is unlike smoking traditional cigarettes.

Odor control

It is easy to control odor when vaping. It is unlike smoking traditional cigarettes. When you smoke traditional cigarettes, the tar can stain your teeth. You will achieve a high level of oral hygiene through the application of vaping devices (for examples, see vape store).