Hair Bands Are Latest Method Of Treating Head Lice


Head lice has been a growing problem among children, especially those who are of school age. Parents dread receiving those texts, letters, or phone calls from their child’s school informing them of a head lice outbreak. Once they invade a public entity, they can spread rapidly. Children lie to be close with one another, and sometimes they share head dress among themselves. This causes the head lice to take refuge in the heads of many children. The school and daycare providers will ask parents to keep their child home until the lice are completely gone. This takes a regimen of using a head lice repellent to treat and rectify the problem.

Head lice treatment products

There are treatments for head lice which consists of putting a fragrant repellent spray on the infected head, then brushing it through the hair thoroughly. Some people have the misconception that washing the hair will prevent or eliminate head lice. This is not a workable treatment for lice. It takes a special blend of oils that must be put on the scalp, and brushed into the hair to kill the lice. Several treatments may be necessary before all of the head lice are gone. Today, there is a new product that is easy and safe to use.

Hair bands for head lice

Hair bands that kill head lice are like regular head bands that children like to wear. They are fashionable to look at, and no one will know the wiser. Hair bands for head lice work by emitting essential oils into the hair follicles. The head lice repellent hair bands are infused with natural oils, and they have a pleasant fragrance. You place them on the child’s head, then brush the hair. These oils are natural so they will not cause any allergic reaction, nor are they harmful. Children can wear them to school for round the clock protection against the lice. The hair bands contain no pesticides in the oils, and they do not smell like bug spray.

Hair bands for head lice are economical

These head lice destroying head bands are sold in pharmacies in sets of four. They are brightly colored to match any outfit, and will last up to two weeks. This is more economical than buying the old method of treatment which contains one treatment per package. The hair bands are non-irritating to tender heads, and can be worn by young toddlers as well as the older child. The package of four hair bands will cost less than $5.00 which is inexpensive compared to the relief that they will give.

Head lice outbreaks among school children sometimes reach epidemic proportions. Wearing the head lice hair band will ward off the lice while adding a touch of flare to the child’s day wear. They are destined to become the preferred way to treat head lice, and could very well be the recommendation of many schools. They are not gender specific, and can be worn by both girls and boys.