Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Than Traditional Cigarettes?


All you need to know about the health difference between traditional and electronic cigarettes is that there is absolutely zero health benefits to smoking traditional cigarettes. Anything you ingest in your body is healthy than smoking these cigarettes because the manufacturers are adding hundreds of toxins to the tobacco to ensure you stay addicted to their product.

Here are a few of the health benefits to making the switch to electronic cigarettes and breaking free from that hold on traditional cigarettes.

Eliminating That Constant Coughing

One of the things about smoking you cannot avoid is the constant hacking and coughing you experience. This is the reaction of the body trying to stop you from ingesting all those toxins that are added to the tobacco to keep you addicted to the product. The coughing is only the beginning, add into the mix the hacking of phlegm, and this is the byproduct of a disgusting and dangerous habit.

With the electronic cigarette, there are no toxic ingredients, so there is not any rejection from the body that results in any coughing. In fact, your lungs begin to start healing hours after you quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Increasing Your Capacity for Breathing

The longer you have been smoking traditional cigarettes, the less lung capacity you have. This is part of the reason you have shortness of breath or you are coughing all the time. When you make the switch to the electronic cigarettes, not only will your lungs begin to heal, you won’t have to worry about struggling to breathe any more.

The e-liquids come in hundreds of fun flavors that not only taste great, they will allow you to take deep breaths more easily when taking a hit.

Sleeping Better and Waking with Energy

If you smoke traditional cigarettes, you’ll have trouble sleeping or getting to sleep some days because your heart is racing. Your blood vessels are constricting, so less blood is getting to vital organs. Make the switch to electronic cigarettes and you can choose e-juice flavors that soothe your mind and body at night and get you in a rested state.

Not only are you going to fall asleep faster, but when you wake you’ll have plenty of energy.

Transformation in Your Physical Appearance

Smoking traditional cigarettes is certainly having a toll on your appearance. Your fingers are yellow with burn marks, your body smells of smoke, and your skin is drying out and wrinkles and fine lines are showing up. The sooner that you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, the sooner you can restore your appearance.

There are no toxic ingredients in an e-liquid (see slims ejuice), so you won’t be putting your appearance at risk by taking a hit each day on your electronic cigarette.

One of the added benefits to switching to electronic cigarettes is they can help break the hold regular cigarettes have on your body. Slowly making the switch will help break that chemical dependency your body has on the ingredients in traditional cigarettes.


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