Right or Wrong, the Time to Discuss Legalizing Cannabis is Now


Legalizing cannabis is a hot-button issue. Proponents work hard to overcome the public perception that nothing good can come from making cannabis legal, while opponents believe the risks outweigh the benefits. This issue isn’t going away, so it’s time that both sides take a better look at the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.

Is cannabis safe?

No one would suggest that making asbestos legal is a good idea, so before having a pros and cons discussion of legalizing cannabis, most people want to know — is it safe?

Researchers disagree. In the lab, using cannabis is shown to negatively affect function, judgment, and memory. But, how safe is cannabis is in comparison to other substances adults legally use, such as alcohol, that cause similar effects?

There is ample evidence that cannabis has less potential for addition than alcohol or tobacco and that its use appears generally safe. Research about its long-term effects, however, is overdue.

Overall, the consensus is mixed. Concerns revolve less around the safety of cannabis than about using behavior that falls outside the norm. Studies suggest that in recreational amounts, cannabis is as safe as or safer than the vodka and cigarettes that are currently legal.

Pros of Legalizing Cannabis

While opponents contend that society doesn’t need another mind-altering substance, proponents ask if similar agents are safe enough to be legal, why not cannabis? The question of personal freedom has been at the heart of this debate and with half of Americans having tried cannabis, bringing its use out of the shadows is something many believe is a step forward toward a freer, more open society.

Advocates add that government expenditure for the disastrous War on Drugs has exceeded a trillion dollars, much of it to prosecute minor marijuana-related offenses that can affect citizens for a lifetime. An estimate $20 billion annually could be added to the coffers when considering savings on law enforcement and revenue from taxing legalized cannabis.

Cons of Legalizing Cannabis

Addiction specialists say research shows that adolescents have a higher rate of potential dependency with use of cannabis and believe that like cigarettes, even though most legalization efforts are strictly for adults, seeing more adult use will make minors believe it’s safe for any age.

Although research is mixed about the so-called gateway effect of marijuana use, evidence suggests that although the addiction potential isn’t high, those who do become addicted are more likely to move on to harder drugs.

Opponents are also worried that legalizing marijuana will increase its open use in public, leading to unhealthy second-hand smoke. And if no tests can reliably tell if a driver is impaired due to cannabis, how will roads and dangerous work environments be kept safe?

Efforts to legalize cannabis are moving forward in many states with less concern about the home use of marijuana by adults than about the impact on the public. Debating the pros and cons of this issue publicly should be the first step in crafting effective laws that serve everyone.

A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Vaping (e-liquid)


A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Vaping (e-liquid)

A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Vaping (e-liquid)

The vaping technology is focused on getting an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, which is friendlier. Moreover, vaping has enabled several tobacco users or smokers drop cigarettes completely. Regardless of whether you want to learn more about vaping, quit smoking traditional cigarettes, or maybe you just want to know what vaping is all about, here is a detailed beginner’s guide on all the ins and outs of the vaping technology!

What is vaping?

The term vaping is coined from the act of inhaling or exhaling vapors produced from an atomizer or similar device. The user can simply get a nicotine hit by smoking the vapor produced from the heating of the e-liquid. Therefore, a vaper is someone who uses a vaporizer or e-cig.

Advantages of vaping

Most smokers of traditional cigarettes switch to smoking e-cigs due to the several advantages and accoutrements they provide. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce any smoke, and thus you won’t have any residue smoke smell in your breath, clothes, beddings, or furniture after using the e-cigarettes. The technology behind the electronic cigarettes ensures that you don’t remain with tar that leaves cigarette burns or tobacco stains.

Electronic cigarettes or vaping doesn’t involve some of the harmful chemicals, and carcinogens found traditional cigarettes. Although the vaping starter kit can be expensive as compared to a pack of cigarettes up front, vaping can help you save some quick bucks in the long run.

The anatomy of an electronic cigarette

Since the invention of the e-cigarette technology, several people have tried out the benefits of the e-cigs and perhaps started experimenting with the idea. Currently, there is a burgeoning vape industry that has lots of customizable vaping options for every unique user. Here are some of the common e-cigarette parts or terminologies that will help you in getting a clear understanding of vaping and navigating through the different available options.

  • E-liquids or ejuice – e-liquids are held in the tanks until they are vaporized in the atomizer. If you’re not buying a disposable e-cig, you’ll need to buy these e-liquids separately in small bottles. The different flavors and types of e-liquids have ingredients such as PG, VG, and nicotine.
  • Batteries- they provide the heat necessary for heating and vaporizing the e-liquid. Batteries can be built into the smaller-e-cigs or be designed as replaceable and rechargeable e-cig parts in advanced vaping devices. Larger rechargeable batteries will allow you a longer uninterrupted vape.
  • Atomizer, Coil, and Wick- an atomizer houses the coil and wick. Vapers can either chose stand-alone atomizers or settle for simpler devices that have the atomizer within the tank. Once the atomizer gets the power from the battery, it initiates the transformation of the e-juice into a vapor.
  • Cartomizer, Clearomizers, and Tanks- even though tanks are designed with different features and capacities, these parts are all meant for holding the e-liquid. Cartomizers and clearomizers can be unscrewed when you want to refill the tank. Clearomizers are made of plastic, and are used for transporting the e-liquid to the coil. Cartomizers, which don’t have plastic panes, use a polyfill substance to transport e-juice.

The vaping products are quite friendly because they don’t attract several restrictions in public spaces. You can use your electronic cigarettes in homes or cars with minimal consequences. Vaping is regarded as a safer and cheaper alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

What is a Gastroenterologist?


What is a Gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist is a physician who practices gastroenterology. Gastroenterology is the science of treating the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive track. The diseases that they treat can be as varied as irritable bowel syndrome to hepatitis C. The diagnosis process will almost always include using endoscopic tools to take a look at the intestinal tract. Gastroenterologists usually donot perform surgery on their patients. However, they will work closely with surgeons during any procedures involving surgery done on the intestinal tract. The organs that a gastroenterologist are responsible for are the tongue, saliva glands, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, epiglottis, rectum, and anus.

Specializing in Gastroenterology

Since Gastroenterology is a fairly wide field, many physicians will specialize in a specific area (Reference: Gastroenterologist in ft pierce). There is hepatology which focusses on the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. Some physicians may specialize in treating diseases concerning the intestinal tract. Other common problems a gastroenterologist may treat are reflux disease, inflammatory bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal cancer, hemorrhoids, ulcers, polyps and irritable bowel syndrome.

How to Become a Gastroenterologist?

As with other doctors, gastroenterologist has to complete four years of medical school after having got a four-year undergraduate college degree. After graduating medical school there is will be a three-year residency practicing internal medicine, working alongside other gastroenterologists. After all this, there is usually three years of fellowship. This is when most gastroenterologist will learn endoscopy. Other responsibilities the student may be exposed to are caring for patients in different environments such as doctors office or hospitals, evaluating patients, hands on work during diagnostic procedures such as upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, and sigmoidoscopy. Other responsibilities may include advising patients on lifestyles and procedures. After all this, you will finally be able to take the board exam to get certified.

For people that are simply interested to learn about GI and its disorders, check out the youtube playlist below:

Procedures and Practices

So you have gone through all the training and are certified to practice on your own. What kind of treatments can a gastroenterologist expect to do? Some of the most common procedures are colonoscopies to detect tumors and cancer. Endoscopic ultrasounds to keep an eye on the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs such as the pancreas and gall bladder. Sigmoidoscopies will be done to detect bleeding in the bowel. Capsule endoscopies and double balloon enteroscopy to check on the small intestine.

When to See a Gastroenterologist

The obvious answer to this one is whenever you notice any issue with stomach area such as pain, difficulty in swallowing, constipation, abnormal amounts of gas, heartburn etc. Usually, people start off by consulting a regular doctor. Based on the doctor’s observations, lab tests and the patients’ health history and age, he or she will decide whether you should consult with a gastroenterologist. The regular doctor will usually only treat the patient if the problems are easily curable and not likely to reoccur. For all other problems, it is safer to get a more specialized opinion. However, for men and women above the age of 50, it is a good idea to get regular colonoscopies to keep a tab on the gastrointestinal tract.

CBD Oil from Cannabis


What is CBD?

The Hemp plant (Cannabis) is comprised of many active cannabinoids that affect the body in different ways. Cannabidiol’s or CBD’s, are one of the more than 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis. These CBDs are widely used for medical reasons and lack the psychoactive properties found in THC, the most prevalent and well known cannabinoid in hemp. Available in many different forms the most commonly used is the Tincture, or the liquid extract from the hemp plant. The oil is meant for oral consumption and provides many health benefits to the user, preventative and treatment.

What and How do CBDs help?

The health benefits from the hemp plant, and CBD’s specifically, are extensive. The chemical makeup of the CBD cannabinoids interacts with different receptors in the brain to provide many different outcomes, depending on one’s health needs. The CBD oil helps to balance the endocrine system and helps regulate the digestive system. This helps the user maintain a healthy weight by decreasing the appetite and regulating blood sugar levels as well as balancing hormone levels that can affect weight gain. Certain properties of the CBD’s also provide a narcotic effect and relieve chronic pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids block or override pain receptors in the brain and reduce swelling at the actual location of the injury. CBD’s also help maintain mental health by modulating chronic stress and relieving anxiety. They provide a calming effect and a slight sedative property if enough is consumed. Some doctors have successfully used CBD’s in the treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis, although more research is needed for a definitive statement in this area.

How Do I use CBD Oils?

There are many ways of ingesting or consuming the best CBD oil and receiving the benefits of its properties. The most common way is in paste or tincture form. Users of the tincture place a few drops under the tongue, hold it there for sixty to ninety seconds or swish it around the mouth, before swallowing. This allows the saliva to start breaking down the oils to aid in digestion. The CBD tincture may provide a numbing effect in the mouth but this usually lasts only a brief amount of time. Other ways to orally ingesting the CBD oil includes capsules, mouth strips and baking it into edible foods and candies such as chocolate or gummies.

Some CBD oil users prefer to heat the oils in special pens or devices, and inhale the vapor. This is the quickest way to ingest the CBD’s and start feeling the medicinal effects of the product. It has an immediate reaction in the body since it enters the bloodstream so quickly through the lungs. A less common way to benefit from the CBD oil is through absorption from the skin. Users will apply lotions or creams on parts of the body or wear a patch that releases a controlled dose of the CBD’s through the wearers skin. This option takes longer to feel the effects but benefits those that may be more sensitive to the effects of the CBD oils.

Keeping Yourself Immune from Common Diseases


It is very important for an individual to keep himself immune from infectious diseases and that is possible by taking certain precautionary measures and health cautions and of course through inoculation and vaccine shots. Keeping yourself immune is important as it keeps you as well as those around you at a fair distance from the chance of falling prey to an infectious disease. This is why children at a very young age are given vaccine shots for certain bacterial infections, reducing their chances to be their victims. The other means that may help you in this regard are given as follows:

Wash your hands before eating food or after interaction with any sort of dirt or medium which you think might contain bacteria or fungi. Washing your hands with an anti-septic soap or hand-wash will reduce the chances of you getting attacked by 50% so this is a primary step which needs to be taken.

Avoid getting in contact with people who are already unwell. If you visit them, always use a face mask so that the germs don’t enter your body. And if you are unwell yourself then, in that case, avoid going out and meeting multiple people as in that case you would be transferring the germ to them increasing their chances of falling for the same infection.

Always practice safe sexual intercourse as it is the leading cause of certain viral and even bacterial disease some of which can’t be treated and other require long treatments. So the first and the foremost measure against it is to have a protected sex.

Visit good hospitals and not unreliable ones. Make sure that the syringes and the other instruments being used on you are sterilized. This will not only give you a mental satisfaction but will also save you a great deal of worry which might follow afterward otherwise.

If you take all these measures yet a germ still fights and manages to get inside you, then if you have a strong immune system and have been vaccinated for that particular disease, chances are that your body will be able to fight it effectively causing you no or very little harm. S pot is important for you to get yourself immune and keep your guards up just in case an army of germ decides to attack!


Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthier Than Traditional Cigarettes?


All you need to know about the health difference between traditional and electronic cigarettes is that there is absolutely zero health benefits to smoking traditional cigarettes. Anything you ingest in your body is healthy than smoking these cigarettes because the manufacturers are adding hundreds of toxins to the tobacco to ensure you stay addicted to their product.

Here are a few of the health benefits to making the switch to electronic cigarettes and breaking free from that hold on traditional cigarettes.

Eliminating That Constant Coughing

One of the things about smoking you cannot avoid is the constant hacking and coughing you experience. This is the reaction of the body trying to stop you from ingesting all those toxins that are added to the tobacco to keep you addicted to the product. The coughing is only the beginning, add into the mix the hacking of phlegm, and this is the byproduct of a disgusting and dangerous habit.

With the electronic cigarette, there are no toxic ingredients, so there is not any rejection from the body that results in any coughing. In fact, your lungs begin to start healing hours after you quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Increasing Your Capacity for Breathing

The longer you have been smoking traditional cigarettes, the less lung capacity you have. This is part of the reason you have shortness of breath or you are coughing all the time. When you make the switch to the electronic cigarettes, not only will your lungs begin to heal, you won’t have to worry about struggling to breathe any more.

The e-liquids come in hundreds of fun flavors that not only taste great, they will allow you to take deep breaths more easily when taking a hit.

Sleeping Better and Waking with Energy

If you smoke traditional cigarettes, you’ll have trouble sleeping or getting to sleep some days because your heart is racing. Your blood vessels are constricting, so less blood is getting to vital organs. Make the switch to electronic cigarettes and you can choose e-juice flavors that soothe your mind and body at night and get you in a rested state.

Not only are you going to fall asleep faster, but when you wake you’ll have plenty of energy.

Transformation in Your Physical Appearance

Smoking traditional cigarettes is certainly having a toll on your appearance. Your fingers are yellow with burn marks, your body smells of smoke, and your skin is drying out and wrinkles and fine lines are showing up. The sooner that you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, the sooner you can restore your appearance.

There are no toxic ingredients in an e-liquid (see slims ejuice), so you won’t be putting your appearance at risk by taking a hit each day on your electronic cigarette.

One of the added benefits to switching to electronic cigarettes is they can help break the hold regular cigarettes have on your body. Slowly making the switch will help break that chemical dependency your body has on the ingredients in traditional cigarettes.

Tips for Finding a Great Dentist


It is important to find a dentist that understand your needs, addresses them in an efficient and timely manner, and specializes in the dental services that you actually need. In other words, finding a great dentist in tacoma wa is important, but can be truly challenging. Here are some of the factors that can go into the process of finding a great dentist.

Understand and Scour Your Dental Insurance Plan

Many people visit dentists who are on their dental plan to avoid the cost of using out of network dentists. While this may eliminate some of the best dentists out there, it does so at a more reasonable and accessible cost. Start with a listing of the in-network dentists that your dental insurance accepts. From here, be sure to obtain or search for reviews of these dentists to see how highly they come recommended by those who have actually used them in order to get a good idea of the level of service that they offer

Obtain Recommendations from Coworkers and Family Members

It is a good idea to obtain recommendations of the various dentists who are used by your coworkers, friends, and family members. It is often a good idea to reach out to your coworkers first as they likely have the same dental insurance as you do. Finding a great dentist to use can be as simple as asking them about the dentist that they use and whether they would recommend them to you. Alternatively, you can reach out to your family, friends, neighbors, or even your general physician to see if they have any recommendations.

Schedule a Visit

It is a good idea to schedule an appointment and visit with a dentist to see their quality. A few simple interactions and some basic care like a teeth cleaning can let you know more about the quality of the dentist that you are using than any review can. Hold off on the more serious dental work until you have performed this basic investigation and be sure to identify the manner in which you are treated, the nature of the recommendations that they have, and any follow up hat they conduct. Great dentists will be honest and forthright with you, but won’t recommend unnecessary or risky procedures without letting you know the risks associated with these dental procedures. Learn about the dentist through interacting directly with him and learning about the dental office and its functionality.

Understand the Specialties Offered

There are many specialized dentists out there who offer specific services. Some dentists are great with children, while others have a lot of experience with root canal procedures. Understand the needs that you have as well as those of your family, and narrow your search for a great dentist to one that specializes in those areas that you are in need of. If you are having a difficult or challenging procedure done, this is particularly true and important to pursue. Consider the needs of the family members who need a dentist both now and in the future in order to see who to use.

And don’t go all Mr.Bean on your dentist, he may not be very pleased 😉

A quick look: Kayla Itsines BBG Program


Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer from Australian who has also authored many fitness eBooks regarding workouts, meal-planning and general body fitness. Itsines has authored various Ebooks called Bikini Body Guides (BBG) which are very helpful for women who would like to attain a bikini body. Indeed, physical fitness is important in the sense that it could prevent you from developing various diseases. With the use of appropriate work-out and exercise program, you can lose excessive calories and maintain a lean healthy body. Specifically, Kayla Itsines BBG Workout is of critical importance to women who intend to gain an attractive figure thereby gaining self-confidence.

BBG eBooks

Some of the eBooks that have been authored by Kayla include Bikini Body Guide Bundle, H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide, and Bikini Workouts Guide. Bikini Body Guide Bundle is the most popular book and it consists of 12-week workout guidelines that can help you get your bikini body back. The book is easy to read and understand, and it also consists numerous illustrations on the most appropriate postures that you should take while undertaking your workout program. Good eating habit is as good as proper workouts. In fact, fitness workouts often go hand in hand with workout programs in the sense that you can only attain your desired body shape and weight when you adhere to healthy eating habits. Such eating habits are often recommended by experts including nutritionists. This is the underlying reason as to why Itsines has published the eBook titled H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide to provide you with critical guidelines on proper nutrition that accompanies the fitness workouts. Thus, it is imperative for you to read this book if you want to get positive results from your workout program. Notably, H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide complements Bikini Workouts Guide, which consists of guidelines on a 12-week workout plan. Some of the important topics in the book include; Target Problem Areas and Effective Cardio Methods. In addition the book is also illustrated with coloured photographs that give a clear mental image of what to expect once you start following the guidelines.

Why You Should Grab the Bikini Body Guide

Bikini Body Guide (BBG) provides you with the much-needed advice and tips on how you can attain the bikini body in just 12 weeks. It guides women on the daily workout routine and the duration of each workout. The information contained in this guide is specifically designed for you to attain your fitness and health goals. It also provides you with guidelines on proper workouts and how to avoid physical exercise-related injuries. It also consists of first-hand information provided by women who have been able to achieve bikini bodies through the use of effective work out plans. However, you should note that Kayla Itsines workout plan is meant to help you improve your general health and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical treatment, diagnosis, and advice.

Some of the benefits associated within maintaining health weight/bikini body include:

  • It enhances your self-esteem
  • It prevents you from various health problems relating to obesity and overweight
  • It ensures that you are physically attractive

Kayla also has some awesome videos on her Youtube channel, go check it out:

Do You Really Need to Get Vaccine Shots to be Sick Free?


Getting yourself vaccinated is very important and it maximizes your chances of staying sick free as it prevents you from having all the diseases for which you have been given an inoculation. Vaccines are important for a child and for adults as they lessen the threat of those diseases to befall them which were once considered as the primary causes of death among individuals.
The reasons which justify the importance of getting vaccine shots are as follows:

Many diseases such as Influenza, Pertussis, and Shingles etc. which are otherwise very common have been controlled by vaccines. This is a great blessing if we really think about it. In old times, these diseases when spread as epidemic were considered fatal and in one blow would take away lives of many people!

Those individuals who are patients of chronic diseases such as heart issue, diabetes or have weak immune systems are susceptible to increased risk of complications if not given a vaccine for vaccine-preventable diseases.

If you get yourself inoculated, there are maximum chances that you will not pass on a disease to your loved one. This way you will not only be able to save yourself but also the generation which is yet to come from an unhealthy physical or medical condition.

If you get the required vaccines, you’d be able to save those who are not able to get vaccines due to some medical restriction. For example, newborn babies, pregnant women or the patients that are undergoing cancer treatment cannot get certain vaccines but their chance of falling victim to that disease, in particular, can be minimized if the people around them are vaccinated for it. This way the chances of them getting that contagious from someone else around them would be minimized.

It’s a fast world, no one has time to get sick and stay in bed for days and that too if all those days of sickness can be so easily avoided. So in order to save your time and spare yourself all that trouble, get vaccine shots and shield your body against all the diseases which otherwise would stick you to bed for days or even more!

Being careful and responsible is the key here, many people in their carelessness are of the view that something like disease can never get them and so they are not in any sort of need to take preventive measures. This is a very wrong approach towards the whole idea of vaccination. Avoid the avoidable and go as far as possible to make that happen, that’s the way you should be thinking! You don’t want to miss out on something that is important you. Do you?

You should save your money and your peace of mind. We are always told, prevention is better than cure. It holds true for situations like these. Take precautionary measures beforehand so that you don’t end up with an empty bank account and a restless head because of something which could have been so easily avoided.

Vaccines make you disease free. It’s an established fact. Do not consider yourself an exception to that.
Go get yourself inoculated!